T-SIM V4.5 Reference

Image distortion and pre-distortion

New Image manager in the latest version of T-SIM / B-SIM software allows to distort / pre-distort multiple images:

Image Manager Information about projecting texture(s)/ bitmap(s) from plane, sphere or cylinder. Information about removing and flipping of already projected texture(s). Auto preview is not implemented yet. Export pre-distortion as BMP Save and load definitions of projections. Projection of 3D models using VRML  files. Projection using IGES polylines. List of projected texures (bitmaps). When projecting or editing an image projection definition, click on Browse to modify the source image for projection. Projection definition parameters. Click Edit to modify definition of an image selected in the image list, click Apply to apply the changes (project the image).

Images from plane, sphere or cylinder
This option allows projections of any bitmap image represented in the following formats: BMP (Windows bitmap), JPEG (bitmap with JPEG compression) and RGB. Multiple images can be projected. For the projection, every bitmap having its resolution higher than 1024 * 1024 is scaled to have maximum resolution 1024 * 1024.

VRML file import
This feature facilitates smooth transfer of 3D shapes and images onto Accuform software from both new generation of 3D scanning cameras and advanced software packages like 3D Studio MAX. Import of VRML 2.0 format is supported

IGES polylines import
An IGES file containing 3D polylines (they represent the 3D image outlines). After pre-distortion, these polylines can be exported to IGES format and used to created and print pre-distorted image.

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