B-SIM V2.5 Reference - Blow molding simulation


How to calculate final part weight

This is a short example how the weight of final part can be calculated in B-SIM. It is assumed that the part is produced using extrusion blow molding process.

Step 1: Open your project for post-processing

Step 2: Click on Select squeezed elements to mark all elements squeezed by tools. These elements are outside the mold cavity and do not belong to the final part. Result is shown on this image (squeezed elements have green edges):

Step 3: Because the top of the parison lays outside the mold, we should select elements in this area too. Click on Select elements button (see post-processing tool bar) and then move mouse cursor to top of the parison. Press and hold the left mouse button. Move the cursor to the second corner of the rectangle and release the mouse button.

Elements inside the rectangle will be selected (their edges color will change to green):

Step 4: B-SIM calculates volume and weight of the selected elements. For this reason, invert the selection by clicking the button "Invert selection" (see post-processing tool bar):

Step 5: Selection can be further modified using the post-processing tool bar. Once you are satisfied with the selection, click Grid / Properties on the post-processing menu to see the calculated volume and weight of the selected elements:

This window is modeless, this means you still can continue in elements selection / unselection. Imformation about volume and weight is update automatically.

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