B-SIM V2.5 Reference - Blow molding simulation


IGES output

Output to IGES is the most common becase the generated file can be used by any software package capable to read IGES.

IGES export can be used for the following purposes:

1) Optimized parison (with variable thickness) exported to IGES can be imported to CAD for mold desing.

2) The final product shape (with variable thickness predicted by B-SIM) can be used for structural analysis. However, additional work is required to create FEM grid for structural analysis in the package.

IGES file generated by T-SIM/B-SIM contains two parallel surfaces with variable distance corresponding to thickness at different locations.


Grid in T-SIM: Exported IGES grid after import into a CAD package


Grid - IGES


Download the example IGES file here: Iges.zip (381 kB)